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Computer Security Handbook
Cập nhật: 21-06-2012 02:32
Danh Mục : Bảo Mật - Quản Trị Tác Giả : Seymour Bosworth Năm Xuất Bản : 2002 Số Trang : 1224 Ngôn Ngữ : English Số Lần Tải : 1583 Dung Lượng : 5.87 MB


This is the most comprehensive book on computer security on the market, with 54 chapters by 48 authors covering virtually all aspects of computer security.
Whether you are in charge of many computers, or even one important one, there are immediate steps you can take to safeguard your company's computer system and its contents. The Computer Security Handbook provides a readable and comprehensive resource for protecting computer mainframe systems and PC networks. This Fourth Edition continues a long tradition of maintaining highly regarded industry guidelines for detecting virtually every possible threat to your system and prescribes specific actions you can take to eliminate them.
The collected chapters are written by renowned industry professionals. Requiring minimal technical knowledge to understand, covered topics include: foundations of computer security, threats and vulnerabilities, prevention (technical defenses and human factors), detection, remediation, management's role, and other considerations such as using encryption internationally, anonymity and identity in cyberspace, and censorship.
Protect the information and networks that are vital to your organization with Computer Security Handbook, Fourth Edition.

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